Images and videos make up almost 80% of the visual engagement content in social media. With Logotrakr service, get an absolutely clear view of how your brand logo is featured in visual content online.

#1 Service for Logo Tracking in Videos and Images

Images and videos are now everywhere on the web. Unlike explicit mentions via hashtag or text, visuals are a more nuanced and more valuable insight into how, when and how much your brand interacts with consumers. Logotrakr discovers your brands in images and videos and adds a new dimension to your marketing strategy.

Track your logo across different platforms

Track the value of every image and video across social networks (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) for your brand (works for sports matches videos, too). See which of your sponsorship investments — and those of your competitors — convert into influential image and video content. Features: Geographic filtering, historical data, data segmenting, image tagging.

Get instant reports on your brand presence


Take the guesswork out of “big data”: track your brand’s image- and video-based activations instantly. Get the full picture on how and where your brand is featured most frequently. Obtain insights about your fans’ user generated content, and measure the visual engagement of your brand sponsorships. Features: Logo placement location.

Gain full control over your marketing efforts


Up to 80% of visual web-content do not reference brand names in the accompanying text. Uncover these posts and incorporate them into your marketing and social listening strategy. Make sure you know how exactly your brand is performing, measure the effect of every ad campaign, redesign. Features: Logo valuation.

How it works: 3 Simple Steps


Tell us which logos you want to get recognized and in which content (sports games videos/social media).


We train the system to recognize your logos and process them in images/videos on given platforms.


Get a full and professional report of your brands presence in visual content on one or more platforms.

Are you a sports team? Or a sponsorship strategy agency? Or a brand representative? Want to analyze your logo presence presence in images and videos precisely?
Logotrakr is here for you!

We help marketers all over the world know
where, when and how brand logos appear in visual content before the audience, and spot visual trends and insights across time and location.

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Why is Logotrakr a worldwide technological leader in visual search and recognition?

Logotrakr was created 2011 by a team of devoted and persistent scientists, deep learning engineers, and developers. Our core technology is based on Convolutional Neural Networks model which can be trained to recognize almost any type of logos, and can handle a wide range of visual search tasks: from video search to object recognition.

Logotrakr is:
  • 11 international awards.
  • Core technology that is protected by patents in the US.
  • Brilliant research & development team.
  • Constant innovation and learning.
  • We know what we do, and know what our customers need.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure.
Track your logos:
Easily. Friendly. Professionally.

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